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    In the south of Hungary, about 10 minutes by car from Szeged you find the little city, Sándorfalva. Our house is located directly on the main square (Szabadság tér 3). We offer our guest 8 modern, newly refurbished en-suite rooms with quiet surrounding. All rooms are equipped with a double-bed (extra bed possible), TV-set and have access to the Wi-Fi. The nicely prepared yard, as well as the BBQ on the terrace can be used by our guest. A safe and locked parking area in the yard is available for our guest and for pets we offer a covered area. At the breakfast room we have some coffee facilities which can be used by our guest and on request we offer baby chairs, beds and even buggies.
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    6762 Sándorfalva,
    Szabadság tér 3.,

    Tax number: 71994053-1-26
    Phone:+36 30 993 7336
    E-mail: platanszallashely@gmail.com

  • Sightseeing

    Sightseeing in Sándorfalva and surrounding:

    - Directly in the city you find the museum of the castle Pallavicini. A cosy coffee place as well as the newly prepared playground is available for the visitors.

    - In about 5 minutes walking distance your find the birth place of Budai Sándor which can be combined with a guided tour or with a excursion to Szeged.

    - The public bathing beach „Nádastó Szabadidőpark” in Sándorfalva is a nice recreations groups for young and old.

    - On a regularly basis there are cultural festivals and music gigs in the village.

    - „Fehér-tó” (white lake) is Hungarians largest protected lake area where a lot of bird species can be found

    - Feszty-panorama picture - Ópusztaszer, Ópusztaszer Gallery

    - In a distance of about 10 cars minutes you can find several hunting-areas (Sándorfalva, Algyő, Balástya, Pusztaszer und Szatymaz)

    - In the near surrounding our guests have a choice of aqua parks, spa’s as well as other leisure centres.

    - Környékünkön számos élményfürdő, termálmedence, aktív pihenés lehetősége kínálkozik.

    - The living city Szeged is just a few car minutes away and offers our guest a variety of sightseeing spots, while at our accommodation they can relax on the quite country side.

    Reservations can be made via phone on +36-30/993-7336 or send an E-Mail to platanszallashely@gmail.com
    We are looking forward to welcome you, your family and your friends in Sándorfalva!

  • Price list

    Platán Szálláshely, Sándorfalva, Szabadság tér 3.


    1. At any times the policy should be respected by the costumer as well as by the operator.

    2. The guest rooms are at the costumers availability for the time booked. The rooms are available for ceck-in any time after 3 p.m. Only in exceptional cases guests can check-in earlier - please check with the operator in advance. If the customer requires the accommodation before 12 p.m. the operator will not be able to rent the room the previous night so the costumer can be charged for this. The operator is obliged to warn guests if this is the case. If nothing else is agreed the costumer has to check-out latest 10 a.m. on the last day of his stay. If he is not doing so the operator has the right to charge another night. Children under 18 years are not entitled to book a room without parental accompaniment.

    3.The accommodation costs as well as the services consumed must be paid, usualy on the last day, but obliged before departure at the reception desk. The price list can be found at the reception in a good visible position. (The prices may be different from the prices agreed in advanced.) All prices are stated in HUF (Hungarian Forint) and include VAT. Only cash payment accepted! For a long term stay (more the 7 days) the operator may ask for a deposit of 50 % of the total payment.

    4. If the costumer wishes to extent his stay, the operator is allowed to offer the costumer another room as the one he originally stayed in.

    5. Smoking in the room in strictly forbidden! We ask our guest to smoke in the assigned smoking areas.

    6. Bringing flammable substance to the room it not allowed. It’s also prohibited to wash, dry and to iron clothes as well as to use any electrical appliance as kettles, heater, aso. in the room.

    7. Breakfast is served between 7.00 to 9.30 a.m. in the breakfast room.

    8. The guest agrees during his stay that the operator or his staff is allowed to enter the room for cleaning, maintenance works or other operative duties.

    9. We ask our guests to keep silent at any times. Please listen to music, radios and watch TV at a moderate volume. From 10 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. the legal rest time must be respected.

    10. For safety reasons children younger then 10 years must be accompanied by an adult at any time. The operator can not be made responsible for accidents.

    11. The loss of the keys provided must be reported immediately to the operator. The costs for the keys as well as the costs for the replacement of the lock must be taken by the costumer.

    12. The guest is personally responsible for the accurate usage of the equipment. In case of an accident because of not accurate usage the operator can not be made responsible. The guest can be made responsible for arbitrarily abstraction or damage of the equipment by the operator.

    13. The operator can not be made responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings, only if they were kept in the safe provided in the rooms. The operator is willing to listen to guests' complaints and suggestions at any times.

    14. In the entire building there is Wi-Fi provided. Guests receive the code for entering at the reception desk free of charge.

    15. Pets are welcome but only in the dedicated area in the yard but in no case in the bed room. The owner has to take care of the pet’s well-being. Only on request and against a fee the operator can take care of the pets.

    16. In the courtyard there is for free parking for guests. The owner is not responsible for the valuables left in the car and neither for damages caused on the vehicle as the courtyard is not under surveillance all day long. (This also applies for visitors.)

    17. Visitors are welcome in the time of 3 p.m. till 10 p.m. but they have to be registered at the reception desk. None registered visitors or the once staying overnight will be treated as hotel guests and will be charged the full accommodation fee.

    18. Our guests are obliged to respect our policy. In the case violation the operator has the right to refuse accommodation and the related services.

    Sándorfalva, September the 27th 2012

    Thanks for your contribution!
    Have a nice stay and enjoy your time in Sándorfalva.

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  • Smoking Policy

    1.) In the area of Platán Accommodation Smoking is only allowed on the assigned areas.

    2.) In all indoor areas, guest rooms as well as at the breakfast room smoking is strictly prohibited.

    3.) At the reception desk at least 5 meters around the reception desk smoking is prohibited.

    4.) The cigarettes should be doped at the ashtray or the trash box assigned and not on the ground. Please do not throw hot asses in the trash box!

    5.) The responsibility for any damages caused will be taken by the person who disregards the rules.

    6.) Not only guests but also workers must respect our rules.

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    Sándorfalva 6762, Szabadság tér 3, Hungary

    Family*** Vendégház

Platán Szálláshely, Sándorfalva, Szabadság tér 3., 6762., Magyarország
Tel: +36-30/993-7336, E-mail: platanszallashely@gmail.com
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